Shared Hosting
Our Webservers are running a modified Apache version on OpenBSD/sparc64, OpenBSD/amd64 and OpenBSD/i386. All your virtual webservers can be configured through our Control Center in great detail. This works for dedicated servers, too.
The servers do support Server Side Includes (SSI) and PHP. All packages except the smallest one, AH-S, also include mysql databases, custom CGIs (e. g. in Perl, for other languages like Python, Ruby, Tcl etc please inquire), and SSL/TLS encryption.
You can run most Content Management Systems (CMS) like joomla, typo3, drupal and wordpress, as well as most shop systems.
All packages include access to the raw log files as well as graphical statistics. These are prepared nightly by a modified webalizer version.

Managed Server
You don’t have to share a managed Server. Otherwise it is pretty much the same as Shared Hosting with more flexibility – naturally you can do things on a server of your own that are not possible on a shared hosting platform.
For managed servers, we take care of the hardware, the operating system, the webserver software, updates, configuration and so on. You can configure virtual hosts the very same way you configure shared hosting plans, using our control center – all you have to do is basically to upload your website(s).