more than 300 Top Level Domains (TLDs) available
We can register domains under almost every TLD in the world. Wether you’re after the “common” TLDs such as de, com, net, org, or looking for an exotic one – almost everything is possible, Self-evident for us, but worth stating explicitely: you are becoming domain owner and admin contact yourself, unless you explicitely request otherwise. For many, especially “exotic” TLDs with sometimes “complicated” terms and conditions we do offer a trustee service. All domain registrations include name service (DNS) using our highly redundant DNS platform, as well as an HTTP redirect service that can be used to redirect www.domain.tld to an existing website (including subpages), either using HTTP redirects or a single-frame frameset. We happily enable expert mode for customers requesting it, giving you access to all DNS settings (including the options to use your own name servers, either not using our DNS platform at all, just as secondaries or “hidden primary” setups) as well as tech and zone contacts.

Managing your domains, using our Control Center
You can manage your domains yourself using our Control Center, e. g. managing DNS entries, changing domain ownership (subject to registry policies), new domain registrations and much more. We process these settings in an automated fashion, cutting delays to a minimum. For many TLDs a new domain registration is a matter of just a few minutes. We always show you the registry policies for the TLD in question and pricing information for all relevant tasks like new registrations, transfers, updates and owner changes. Our system keeps you informed about any changes to your domains, we send emails to an address specified by you. We believe in transparency.