A good home for your servers
If you want to acquire and manage your own servers, server housing at BSWS is perfect for you. Your servers in our data center – of course in perfect climatic conditions and access controlled. The power feeds are, of course, protected by UPS systems. Redundant feeds are available in every rack. We also use automatic transfer switches to automatically transfer to another feed should the primary one fail. THe connection to our backbone is done using one or multiple switchports (connection to redundant switches is also possible), by default using 100baseTX (100 MBit/s over copper cables), but gigabit ethernet over copper (1000baseT), multimode- (1000baseSX, LC or SC) or singlemode-fibre (1000baseLX, LC or SC) is also possible.

Cluster, Viop-Gateway, Faxserver, …
Need two independent power feeds for servers with redundant power supplies? A seperate network/VLAN for connectivity within your cluster? A seperate ISDN connection? An S2M to run Voip-Gateways or big fax systems? An antenna on the roof? All this and much more is possbible, just ask us!

Managed Security included
We run all customer servers in a network segment (VLAN) of their own, at least one for each customer. They are seperated by firewalls. The firewall rules for your VLAN are set to match your requirements.

Monitoring included
We will monitor your servers for basic reachability. More services can be monitored on request. In case of failure you are notified by email. Failures are also displayed at our NOC so that our staff can act as well. The details of which services are monitored how and what to do in failure cases are negotiated with you.

Remote Power Control included
For servers without (or too poor) integrated lights out management we deploy remote power controllers. You can powercycle your server via our control center – even time-based. Turning the machine on and off is also possible.

Serial Console included
For servers with serial consoles (all servers we offer have it) we run a console server infrastructure. You can access your server’s serial port using a secure ssh connection. Access to your console is of course password protected and encrypted. Using the serial access you can install machines remotely and fix problems that arise at boot time before the network is started.

Clue included
The people make the difference – if you run into problems you can rely on our clueful staff helping you quickly and competent.