Managed Firewalls

Managed Security by professionals
Security is not just our daily business, it is our passion. Take advantage of our experience! We can run Managed Firewalls for you whereever permanent internet connectivity is available. We develop and maintain a ruleset matching your requirements, we keep system, software and config up to date, we monitor availibility, performance, security and more.

We usually deploy firewalls in redundant pairs. If one fails, the other takes over almost instantly (usually way under 100ms), leading to an extremely high availibility.

Hard- and Software
Unsurprisingly we run OpenBSD on our managed firewalls. Hostmaster Henning Brauer is an OpenBSD developer and has written a fair share of the packet filter in use. We pick the hardware to be used together with you – the requirements differ. We often use flash based storage instead of traditional harddisks, they tend to be much more durable.

Monitoring included
We monitor all our managed firewalls 24/7. In case of outages our NOC staff gets notified. If you wish so you get an email about every outage.

Clue included
The people make the difference – if you run into problems you can rely on our clueful staff helping you quickly and competent.